• Product Design
  • Front-End Dev

Working with a small team of four, I lead product design for Vroom, a volunteer management platform. Vroom gives event organizers the ability to schedule and communicate with volunteers while giving those volunteers a place to discover opportunities that fit their schedule and skill set. More below

Above — Opportunities in Vroom are created by event coordinators as shifts which can be assigned or offered to potential volunteers. While navigating through the app, coordinators are able to visualize where and when volunteer help is most needed. The day view shows all shifts for a chosen day, along with that day's roster of volunteers.

Below — The calendar view gives coordinators a full overview of the event schedule and serves as the top-level navigation for shifts.

Above — The dashboard greeted volunteers with featured opportunities and a summary of correspondence with event coordinators.

Below — The volunteer schedule.

Above — The roster allowed coordinators to organize and get quick access to volunteers. In this space, event organizers could filter and create groups of volunteers in order to message those groups or to give them special shift access.

Below — One key challenge throughout the app was finding a way to let coordinators apply dimensions (tags / restricted teams and roles) based on their current point of reference. For example, you might give a group of volunteers a distinction for attending an orientation shift (this would be done on the list of shift attendees), or you may want to give an individual volunteer a special role based on experience.

Above — We created a mobile-optimized check-in system for organizations needing keep track of volunteer attendance.

Below — We built an interface based on email communication between coordinators and volunteers, allowing us to house communication in the app, and create better context for volunteers when referencing shifts and opportunities.

Below — Organization-branded sign up page.